3 Holiday Outfit Ideas to Dazzle in Your Office Parties

Try These Holiday Beauty Looks Fit For Your Office Parties

Time to leave your desk and put on your best (office- appropriate) dress. It’s time to party! Many people find it confusing to find the balance between professional and daring, as if looking boring is a prerequisite work look.

If there is one time of the year when drab is not allowed, it has to be the holiday season. Wondering how to pull off a new look without the uncomfortable glances? Check out these festive inspirations!

Source: @DiorMakeup

Golden and Glossy

Catch everyone’s eyes with golden lids. I am loving the glitter on the outer edge of the eye in this Dior look as well– just the right touch of sparkle for an office party. Don’t forget to add a gloss in the shade of your lips but better and plumper.


Source: @narsissist

Stand Out Coral Lip

We get it, it’s Christmas and red lips are mandatory. Dare to be different with a glossy coral lip for an audacious look. Go all out by sticking to a muted orange palette like this look from Nars.

Just make sure that you find the perfect coral shade for your skin tone. There’s nothing in the world that makes me feel less beautiful than the wrong shade of lipstick. That’s really hard to hide, even with a bright smile.



Pretty in Rose Gold

One of the best looks I’ve seen this year is this rose gold smokey eyes from Maybelline. It makes me feel like I’ve entered another world when I’m looking at it. This color is so dreamy, I can’t help but feel like I’m in fairyland.

Make sure to apply loads of mascara when wearing this color to give a balance of light and dark. Captivate everyone with this whimsical look that will make them wonder why you have to leave by midnight.


Source: @lorealmakeup

Be bold in Paris Burning

Rarely do I find such a good shade of red that is bold and muted at the same time. This look is the right mix of festive, sultry, and badass.

You’ll want your bold lips to take all the attention here so there’s no need to fiddle around too much with your eyes and cheeks. Tip: Applying only a light layer of foundation is great so you don’t look too made up. Channel your inner Parisienne with this chic effortless look.

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